Submission Procedures                                                  


The 15th ICPIC is now receiving submissions from industry experts, academics, researchers, scientists, professors, students, professional engineers, consultants, suppliers, developers, manufacturers, contractors and all who are interested in presenting their knowledge, ideas and experiences at the congress.


All abstracts and papers submitted will be reviewed.  Before the acceptance of a final paper, the review process includes two steps:


  • Submitting abstract through email à reviewed à abstract acceptance à inform authors of submitting full text paper  through online tool of Trans Tech Publications Ltd. Every author must be registered with his own email-address. Please be informed  that the same email address cannot be used by more than one author.  The publisher will inform the participants about their login data and about how they can upload their papers.  if  a participant wants to upload more than one paper, please inform the congress secretary so that the Publisher  will activate this option in the system.

  • Submitting full text paper through online tool of Trans Tech Publications Ltd: http://www.scientific.net/. Normally a given paper will be reviewed by 2 experts in the field. The results of the reviewing process will be transmitted to the proceedings editors and the corresponding authors will be asked to make any required changes and submit the final version of the paper to the proceedings editors who will then decide whether the paper is to be published or not. Trans Tech publishes peer-reviewed papers written in good English only. The Publisher will again review all papers internally once all final manuscripts are uploaded to the online system. All papers will need to be related to engineering and be of international interest. Further papers need to be grouped into meaningful chapters and closely related to the conference topics.


By submitting the manuscript for publication, the authors transfer the copyright of their manuscripts to Trans Tech Publications. Should the papers contain figures or tables taken from other sources, it is taken for granted that the authors have solicited the respective permissions for reproduction from the corresponding publishers.


Kindly submit all abstracts by email: either to admin@concrete.org.sg or icpic15@concrete.org.sg by 6 March 2015.  Once the abstract is accepted, you will be informed by email to submit the full paper.


Please note that the author or co-author will be required to attend the congress as paying delegate and to present the paper, when the full paper is accepted to be included in the congress proceedings.