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Our Annual Concrete Project Competition

Annual Project Competition 2021





An annual conference “ACI (SC)-2021” will be organized by American Concrete Institute (Singapore Chapter) and American Concrete Institute Singapore Student Chapter on Saturday, 4th December 2021 ONLINE from 1400-1830 hours. The theme of this conference is “Advanced Concrete Technology for the Built Environment”.




The project competition, comprising summary and PowerPoint presentation, seeks to facilitate the development of new concrete material, new performance about concrete. The project can be selected from any topics related to research, innovation and technology of concrete composites and building construction to improve the quality of living through designing and building environmentally sustainable and liveable cities, which include and not limited to: Smart building materials; green concrete/composites; nano-materials; urban greenery and ecology; ready-mixed concrete; underground structures; floating structures; carbon footprint; low-energy building; land reclamation; waste recycling; water technologies; food sustainability; climate change; resilient infrastructure; 3D printing for construction.


This competition is open for two categories (see item 2 under Rules and Regulations below) who are interested in the innovation and application of high-quality materials, technologies, construction, as well as engineering practices to promote urban sustainability and productivity. A limit of one entry per participant/team has been fixed. Registration for Project Competition is free.


Rules and Regulations


  1. Entries submitted may be individual or group entries of not more than 5 members. Each participant/team is allowed to submit one entry only.
  2. There are two categories in this competition:

Students’ Category    – for Polytechnic, ITE and Junior College Students
Open Category           – for Students, Academics and Researchers from
                                      Universities and Practitioners from Industries

  1. Interested participants/teams are to submit completed project summary (see template in Annex 1) to email address below by 30 October 2021, 11:59PM (Singapore Time):

Subject:  Submission by “XXX” (“Participant’s Name”) to
Project Competition (Summary & Poster) at ACI(SC) 2021

Email address:           admin@concrete.org.sg

  1. Each entry must be original and unpublished work of the participant/team, and shall not have been submitted for any other competitions.

[Note: All submissions will be reviewed, and five shortlisted entries from each category will be announced on 15th November 2021.]

  1. Team member(s) of shortlisted entries are required to present their respective project on line at porject competition 2021 on 4th Dec 2021. 1400-1830.
  2. The presentation by each participant/team should not be more than 15 minutes. This duration shall be strictly adhered to, and the participant(s) are judged by their performance in presentation within the 15 minutes.
  3. The question and answer (Q&A) session by the judging panel shall follow after the presentation.


Judging Criteria

  1. All entries shall be judged based on the following criteria:

    Project summary (written language, innovativeness, application....................................45%

    Project presentation (quality of presentation materials, written language,        
    spoken language, adherence to 15-min presentation, promptness/quality of answers, impact factor).................................................................................................................55%

  2. The decision of the panel of judges shall be final. The organizer and the judges are not obliged to provide any reasons or enter into any discussions or correspondence relating to these rules and regulations, the organization of the competition, or any of the judges’ decisions.


Results and Prizes

  1. The ZOOM presentations will be held during a session at ACI (SC) 2021 on 4th December 2021.
  1. The results will be announced at the final session of the conference. Five prizes in each category will be awarded* as follows:



Students’ Category

Open Category


















Annex 1: Official Template and Entry Form

Project Competition (Summary) at ACI (SC) 2021
NAME OF PARTICIPANT(S) : ____________________________________________

Organization: ________________________________________________________
ADDRESS : ____________________________________________
CONTACT TEL : _____________________________________ (Office)
____________________________________ (Mobile)
EMAIL ADDRESS : ____________________________________________
NATURE OF BUSINESS : ____________________________________________

Category: __________________________________________________

Project Summary
Each participant/team is required to prepare a project summary comprising the following sub-headings (Arial font – size 12; line spacing 1.0; MAXIMUM 5 pages inclusive of text AND attachments e.g. figures, tables, diagrams and photographs if any):
Project Title
Abstract (maximum 100 words)
[Problem(s)/Issue(s) Arising, Solution(s), Key Challenge(s), Innovativeness, Application(s) must be stated]
Materials and Methods
Results and Discussion
Conclusions and Recommendations


Please click her to download the Entry Form.

Winner of Project Competition 2021

Students’ Category


Gold Award:

Temasek Polytechnic – Darrien Png Kai Xiang, Muhammad Shahiran Bin Muhammad Nur, Ernest Ng Chen Yi, Zhang Ci Fang, Kevin Lee


Silver Award:

Singapore Polytechnic  – Psalm Micaela Lim Joon Hian Soo Hong Ce Aung Zaw That


Singapore Polytechnic  –Tan Tin Chong, Lee Bing Hang, Ong Yu, Tan Yee


Bronze Award:

Singapore Polytechnic – Bernice Chau Shuet Ying Putera Muhammad Faiez bin Yazli Winky Ho Wen Kee Rudika Bin Mohd Ali


Merit Award:

Temasek Polytechnic – Senthil Arumugam Palvesraj


Open Category


Gold Award:

National University of Singapore –WANG Qiaorui , Dr GENG Guoqing


Silver Award:

National University of Singapore – DR. Anjaneya DIXIT, WANG Dehao, WANG Yue, Sean CHUA Xin Wei, LIM Keng En John


Bronze Award:

National University of Singapore –Wang Junxuan; Dr Kong Kian Hau; Professor Liew Jat Yuen Richard


Merit Award:

Admaterials technologies Pte. Ltd - Sriravikulan Kiriparana , Nhien Dinh Leb , Chip Kai Wee


National University of Singapore - YAN Yu, Dr GENG Guoqing